We are happy that you have come to visit our website and hope that you have been strengthened by your visit.

     A church today that claims to belong to Christ must have a love for people that shows in the friendliness and hospitality of the members.  But there must be more.  With deep faith in God, the things revealed in the Bible must be taught, applied, defended, and practiced.

     As a preacher of the gospel, along with other members, I teach classes, preach sermons, and work publicly and privately to help bring the hearts of people to the Lord and His truth.  I strive to treat others with the kindness and respect that I would like them to show me. 

We here at Mill Road would be happy to get to know you better and to assist you in your obedience to our Lord.  My hope is that you will visit our website again but more importantly, visit our assembly as we worship God. May God bless you.

        Albert Dickson