After a hard day’s work or activities in the heat and grime of the day, it is so refreshing to have water shower down on us.  We feel and look renewed and invigorated. However, many of us go through life weighed down by the dirt and grime of sin affecting both soul and body. It does not have to be.

Here is the GEM: God has abundantly supplied man with what he needs to cleanse him inside and out. We need to have the dirt and grime of sin washed from us in order to truly thrive. Through obedience to Christ and His word, God pours out water on the thirsty, dirty grimy soul that seeks Him. He causes them to spring to life as a new blade of grass nourished by the flowing stream.  So, why not come to Him to be cleansed and renewed?

Thus says the LORD who made you And formed you from the womb, who will help you, 'Do not fear, O Jacob My servant; And you Jeshurun whom I have chosen. 'For I will pour out water on the thirsty land And streams on the dry ground; I will pour out My Spirit on your offspring And My blessing on your descendants; And they will spring up among the grass Like poplars by streams of water.'

Isaiah 44:2-4